Putting Away Back Pain

For many golfers, back pain is a common complaint after a long day on the course. The pain can be caused by various factors, including poor swing mechanics, poor physical conditioning, and underlying medical conditions. While some cases of back pain may require surgery, other treatment options are available, which can prevent the need for surgical intervention.

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Poor swing mechanics

The most common cause of back pain in golfers is poor swing mechanics. A golfer with poor swing mechanics may place excessive stress on the back, leading to pain and injury. Common swing faults leading to back pain include a lack of flexibility, poor posture, and a lack of core strength. To address the issues, golfers may benefit from working with a golf professional or physical therapist (PT) to improve swing mechanics.

Poor physical conditioning

Another common cause of back pain in golfers is poor physical conditioning. Golfers who are out of shape or have weak core muscles may be more susceptible to back pain. To improve physical conditioning and reduce the risk of back pain, golfers should focus on exercises that target the core muscles and increase flexibility. Core-strengthening exercises can include planks, bridges, and leg raises.

Underlying medical conditions

In some cases, back pain in golfers may be caused by underlying medical conditions, such as a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease (DDD), or a spinal condition. Golfers experiencing severe or persistent back pain should consult a doctor or spine specialist to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Taking time off

Rest and recovery are crucial for preventing and managing back pain in golfers. Overuse and fatigue can contribute to back pain, so golfers should take regular breaks to give the body time to recover during and after a round of golf. During such breaks, golfers should take the opportunity to stretch, move around, hydrate, and refuel.

Work smarter, not harder

Using a pushcart is an effective way for golfers to reduce the risk of back pain while on the course. A pushcart is a device that allows golfers to easily transport golf clubs and other equipment around the course without having to carry a heavy load on the back or shoulders. Using a pushcart helps distribute the weight of equipment evenly across the body.

How to treat back pain

Non-surgical treatment options for back pain may include physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medications to manage pain and inflammation. In cases where non-surgical treatments are not effective, spinal surgery may be considered to relieve pain and restore quality of life.

Finding back pain relief

Poor swing mechanics, poor physical conditioning, and underlying medical conditions are common causes of back pain in golfers. While some cases of back pain may require surgery, conservative treatment can help in many instances. Golfers experiencing back pain should consult with a doctor or spine specialist to develop a personalized treatment plan.

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